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Health is not a constant.

It is either growing or fading. 


Each day is your opportunity to guide it.

Why Delta S?

We offer premium functional neurology and chiropractic services that enable neurological rehab, maximum injury recovery, and athletes to reach their potential in their sport.

Our Practice

We specialize in integrating the physical aspects of sports medicine and chiropractic care with the neurological and physiological systems that are often overlooked. This plus personal attention results in a comprehensive analysis that leads to a highly effective customizable plan. This means we do not only look at symptoms, we find measurable evidence based results.

We measure both brain and body function by evaluating:

  • Central and Peripheral Nervous System Function

  • Biomechanical and Structural Function

  • Neuro-Endocrine Function

  • Neuro-Immune Function

  • Physiological and Metabolic Function​

Brain Health
Functional Neurology
Brain Nutrition
Functional Medicine
Brain Performance
Sports Medicine

Our clinic is set apart from other healthcare providers because of our experience with neurological rehabilitation. New patient examinations take a minimum of 90 minutes because we like to bring you along for the journey, understand why tests are being done, and what findings may potentially mean in the big picture. 


Testing may include:

  • History

  • Mental Status and Neurocognitive Examination

  • Orthopedic Examination

  • Laboratory Testing

  • Cranial Nerves, including Vagus Nerve Evaluation

  • Sensory, Motor, and Reflex Testing

  • Autonomic Testing

  • Oculomotor Assessment

  • Vestibulo-Ocular Testing

  • Optokinetic Nystagmus Testing

  • Vestibular and Cerebellar Testing

  • Functional Movement Assessment


Together, we will develop a treatment plan that works best for you. Follow up visits usually last 30 minutes, depending on what we are trying to accomplish on that given day.


We also use functional medicine based clinical nutrition protocols and recommend foods or nutritional supplementation from higher quality sources. This is key. Many products on the market are shown to be relatively ineffective in clinical studies and I want you to get the best cost-benefit possible. 

We use therapeutic approaches to get results.

Neurology is the study of the nervous system and all of the systems that work synergistically with it. A traditional evaluation would look for whether it is working or not working, in order to catch pathology or potentially life threatening conditions.


As functional neurologists, we look at how well the brain and body are working, and through a comprehensive examination, determine what we can do to improve the functionality of those areas. 

Once we have an idea of the structures and circuits in the brain that need assistance, we will then rehabilitate those areas using sensory integration through brain based exercises. These exercises look like visual exercises, vestibular exercises, balance exercises, and physical exercises, but they are all tailored to activate precise areas in the brain. We also use a functional medicine approach through diet and nutritional supplementation to get the quickest and most effective results. 


Dr. Lovich


Dr. Lovich

New England

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