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why delta s?

Delta S (ΔS) is entropy

It means that, left alone, all things go toward disorder and dysfunction. 

Energy needs to be applied to create order and function.

This holds true for our health, as well. 

Our mission

We guide your energy and effort to unlock brain recovery and achieve success!

conditions we help

Traumatic Brain Injuries


Acquired Brain Injuries

(Incl. Post-COVID Syndrome)

Dizziness and Balance Issues


Gait/Walking Disorders


Chronic Pain Syndromes


Chronic Fatigue Syndromes


Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Neurodegenerative Disorders

Mood Disorders

Sports Performance

Corporate Performance

"it's the little details that are vital.

little things make big things happen"

-John wooden

We create individualized, data-driven, plans to get to the core of the issue.

Then we harness the power of brain connectivity to get results!

We treat people just like you, not symptoms.

Neurology is the study of the nervous system, and all of the systems that work synergistically with it.

We go beyond traditional.


A traditional evaluation would view your body as working or not working, in order to catch pathology or potentially life threatening conditions.

As chiropractic functional neurologists, we look at how well the brain and body is working, and through a comprehensive examination, determine what we can do to improve the functionality of those areas. 

Once we have an idea of the structures and circuits in the brain that need assistance, we will then rehabilitate those areas using sensory integration through brain-based exercises.


These exercises look like visual, vestibular, balance, cognitive, and physical exercises, but they are all tailored to activate, train, or fine-tune precise areas in your brain. 


We also use a functional medicine approach utilizing diet to support the Gut-Brain Axis and nutritional supplementation to get the quickest and most effective results. 

how it works

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With a Doctor

Determine Your Program With Our Team

our programs


Our flagship program designed to rehabilitate injured brain circuitry, and get results as quickly as possible. 

TBI & Concussion

Post Concussion Syndrome

Dysautonomia & POTS

Vertigo & Dizziness

Headaches & Migraines

Movement Disorders


Parkinson's & Alzheimer's

Anxiety & Depression

Chronic Pain & Fatigue

Motor Vehicle Injury




Our program gives a unique focus on holistic health. We find the cause of illness via nutritional and biochemical imbalances, taking traditional functional medicine to the next level by incorporating our expertise in neurochemistry.


Our cutting-edge program designed to help brains develop accurately and optimally, improving function and behavior. 

Autism Spectrum (ASD)

Auditory Processing (APD)

Dyslexia & Learning Disability

Fine/Gross Motor Skill Delay

Sensory Processing Disorders

Sensory Integration Disorders

Speech Delays



We hope to start a revolution with the launch of our new "Integrative Medicine" Program. 

Take part in a comprehensive examination with multiple practitioners, blending all of the programs we offer at a combined discount. 


Train your brain to perform at the elite level.

This program is for the athlete or the executive looking to reach their peak performance through a combination of data-driven brain-based exercises and nootropic support tailored to your unique physiology.


Our sought-after Functional Nutrition Wellness Program is highly recommended for proactive and preventative patients. This data-driven program uses routine blood laboratory evaluation to keep you at your best!

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This is completely digital and secure. It takes approximately 60 minutes to complete this step and must be done, at minimum 48 hours in advance.

We need that time before your appointment to carefully review all the information provided. 

More data is always helpful when puzzling together complexities.

Send Us Pertinent Records

We value the ability to work collaboratively with other practitioners.


In addition, we want to know what you've already tried that has or hasn't been helpful. 

Laboratory data and imaging reports are ideal here. 

We can receive them as a PDF through our EHR, JaneApp. Otherwise, feel free to send them to our HIPAA compliant and encrypted email. 

Comprehensive Analysis

We provide a two-hour 

comprehensive analysis and evaluation.

- Functional Neurological Exam

- Advanced Cranial Nerve Exam

- Autonomic Testing

- Eye-Movement Testing

- Vestibular Testing

- Cognitive Testing

- Gait and Balance Testing


Advanced Diagnostics:

- Videooculography (VOG)

- Computerized Posturography

- qEEG

Individualized Treatment Plan

A treatment plan comprised of brain-based exercises and nutritional support tailored to the data collected in your comprehensive examination. 

Follow up visits are 20-30 minutes each, depending on the goal of treatment and the patient's metabolic neuronal endurance for that day.


The Most Efficient Route

For maximum results in the shortest time possible,

we offer a high frequency treatment schedule.

We look forward to working with you!