Boston Clinical Director

Janine Crifasi DC CCST CWI CPN

Chiropractic Physician (MA, RI)

Chiropractic Practitioner (NH)

I am a Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic and have been serving families in Northern California, Boston, and the Southcoast with a focus in women’s health, sports, and motor vehicle injuries for nearly 25 years. My goal is always to guide you in ways to achieve better health naturally. In order to help my patients with musculoskeletal conditions, I have received additional extensive training in Spinal Trauma, the Activator Method, and a certification in Postural Neurology.


However, I noticed that the musculoskeletal system doesn’t always provide all the pieces to the puzzle. In an effort to better serve my patients, I completed post-doctoral specialty training in blood chemistry, thyroid chemistry, brain chemistry, neuro-immune, and neuro-endocrine functional medicine. This knowledge of the brain-gut axis, and the mechanisms that impact on health, allow me to provide my patients with easily implemented and therapeutic lifestyle medicine recommendations.


After noticing an underserved population of individuals with complex and chronic neurological symptoms, particularly with headaches, dizziness, and post concussion syndrome, the next step was to do a deep dive into the brain aspect of the brain-gut axis and train to become a chiropractic functional neurologist.


I decided to join the team at Delta S Performance, and complete my post-doctoral studies through the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies to obtain board certification in chiropractic functional neurology through the American Chiropractic Neurology Board.


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