Neurodevelop program

Delta S Performance offers a proactive, evidence-based, drug-free approach to improve focus, concentration, reading, memory, and behavioral problems.

Our cutting-edge NeuroDevelop Program is a target brain-based approach tailored to both children and adults who have been diagnosed with the following conditions:

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Auditory Processing Disorder


Fine/Gross Motor Skill Delay

Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Integration Disorder

Speech Delays


Focus Problems

Learning Problems

why do we favor a brain-based approach?

Developmental delays are literally based on development of the brain.

Development happens by growing connections between neurons and strengthening those connections with repetition.

Symptoms can be traced back to underdeveloped individual parts of the brain or underdeveloped circuits containing multiple parts of the brain.

Our functional neurological examination is designed to catch these subtleties.

Our therapies can help develop the parts of the brain that behavior depends on.

Why do we also work with nutrition?

We can support the growth and development of these neurons with optimal nutrition practices.

Only utilizing good nutrition will never be able to target the individual underdeveloped structure or circuit.


However, poor nutrition can cause a step back in development of the brain, especially if it causes neuroinflammation in either the parent or the child, during pre-pregnancy preparation, in-utero, or throughout the life of the child.


The causes of these conditions are extraordinarily complex and all of the following need to be considered:

Functional Disconnection Syndrome

Toxic Chemicals

Heavy Metals

Gluten, Casein, and Soy Intolerance

Yeast Infections or Candida

Leaky Gut Barrier

Leaky Blood Brain Barrier


Immune System Imbalance


However, once these causes are found, removal does not push a magic "reset" button, or reverse the symptoms. 

Our brain-based therapies can help with the crucial next step in improving the function of the brain.

The areas and circuits of the brain that suffered from the insults above need to be exercised and strengthened. 

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