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I was born not only the youngest of five, but also a twin. As children, my twin and I were seen as the clumsy, uncoordinated, and emotionally high-strung members of our family. However, when we started chiropractic care with at age eleven, the things that always held us back in sports (i.e. poor timing, bad hand eye coordination, and muscle weakness) all began to drastically improve. Additionally, we showed a much more even temperament and climbed to the top of our academic classes. I now recognize we had spent many years neurologically compromised from intrauterine constraint, possible birth trauma and childhood concussions. Chiropractic became one piece of the puzzle to restore my brain-body connection.


However, even with regular chiropractic care, as an adolescent, I experienced frequent daily headaches, terrible skin, anxiety, depression, irregular menses, and OCD-like tendencies. Unfortunately, this was well before things like gut permeability, food sensitivities, and the link between the two became part of the public conversation. I spent many years on birth control pills for irregular menses, 10 years on daily antibiotics for my skin, regularly took multiple doses of ibuprophen daily to manage my headaches and by the time I got to college I was one of the sickest healthy people you’d ever met. It wasn’t until I reached my junior year of college, where I still had daily migraines, more concussions, an ineffective immune system, even worse skin, and continued anxiety and depression, that I finally began bleeding into my stomach from the daily ibuprophen I used to get through the demands of my college sport. It was time for a change. I consulted with Dr. James D’Adamo, the naturopathic developer of the blood type diet. He was the first to teach me the power of what the body can accomplish when given the appropriate nutrition and dietary support. With his help I began to drastically change my diet, eliminated inflammatory foods, and became strict paleo a decade before anyone knew what it was. Nutritional supplements were used to restore my micronutrients, balance my hormones, and heal my permeable gut. Within a couple months my skin had cleared without the use of any antibiotics, my brain fog lifted, my migraines stopped, and I understood that how I had been fueling my body, according to the usual ‘healthy diet’ recommendations did not work for my unique form.


I have come a long way from that point, but value the experience as one of the driving factors behind my pursuit of alternative medicine. I am constantly learning and growing as a practitioner and strive to help others understand the unique factors that may be affecting their or their child’s health and neurological well-being. I know that lifestyle change is not always easy, but through my work I aim to support you and your child on your journey.

~Dr. Sickel


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